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Sewable (Sew-On) Reflective Tape

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At night, unreflectorized joggers, cyclists and pedestrians are all but invisible to oncoming traffic. The staggering number of pedestrian accidents are a result of drivers claiming they simply did not see the pedestrian in time to avoid hitting him or her. Clothing, shoes, life vests, equipment - practically anything - can be trimmed with Reflexite® reflective material to safeguard people in low-light conditions.

In temporary work zones, workers rely on the brightest day and nighttime visibility by using Reflexite®'s fluorescent reflective tapes that alert the oncoming motorist of the workers ahead. Reflexite®'s Fluorescent Lime/Yellow and Fluorescent Blaze Orange tapes are extremely visible during the hours of dusk and dawn, when temporary work zones are often on the roads.

Designed to be used for heavy duty applications and premium value high visibility safety apparel.
Reflexite® Brilliance Series Reflective Trims are fully compliant with the American National Standards Institute Standard ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 and exceed the photometric requirements for level 2, table 5.
The prismatic film on the GP340 trim is welded to a UV-stablized polymeric film to protect the prism surfaces from dirt and moisture. GP340 has a tough vinyl backing.

GP440 is a metalized silver-colored trim with a knit fabric backing, designed to be sewn to high visibility safety apparel where there is a need for exceptional levels of reflectivity at long sight detection.
GP440 is a single layer prooduct that can be stitched in any area of the surface.
Withstands a minimum of 100 washes. Do not dry clean. Six Day Lead Time on this item.
Colors & widths: 1" and 2" widths. Silver/White only. Available in 300' rolls.

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American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel

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