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There are two major types of retro-reflective materials available on the market today - glass bead and microprism.

microprism In a glass bead system, light strikes the back of the bead and is returned to its source. In contrast, light strikes each of three surfaces of the Reflexite® microprism in turn, before returning to its source. Because microprism provides more reflective surface area than a glass bead, microprisms reflect up to 250 percent more light than glass beads.

microprism2 Reflexite®'s unique microprism design provides superior visibility by retro-reflecting more than 70 percent of incoming light back towards its source - even in fog, smoke, rain, or low-light conditions. For conspicuity, recognition, and safety, we offer the more effective high -visibility materials on the market today. Reflexite® material is engineered to send a high percentage of light back to an oncoming driver's eyes.

microprism3 MoCo, Inc. distributes materials manufactured by Reflexite® exclusively. This unique retro-reflective material incorporates a patented design using 47,000 microprisms per square inch. It reflects more light, has wider angularity, more effective range, and is more abrasion resistant than any other product on today's market.

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